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Spent countless hours looking for your new dream rig but can’t find it?

Just like we look for the best possible finance packages on the market for your new ride and “home away from home” accommodation, there are also professionals out there that can assist you in locating your new 4wd.

We have an alliance with one such business, All Car Brokers. Ken Churchill (0408 488 887) and Neil Robson (0417 721 824) from All Car Brokers have been in the industry for decades and are true professionals at what they do.

In almost all cases, they will be able to locate the vehicle your after cheaper than you can get it! All Car Brokers are independent licenced motor dealers and they can trade and supply new and used vehicles. In the event they can’t get it cheaper than you can, they will tell you (but this is very rare!).

If this hasn’t convinced you to use their services for your next 4WD, maybe this will . . .

All Car Brokers have strategic alliances with major 4wd accessories manufacturers and they can build your new rig for you. Want Lockers? Bar work? Winch? Racks? Draw Systems? GPS? Sliders? Anything else??? All Car Brokers can build your new rig for you so you can GET OUT THERE NOW!!!

As seen in the DVD segment with Roothy, Dave’s GU Patrol was sourced and supplied by All Car Brokers.

All Car Brokers operates independently of Fortified Finance & Leasing and we do not receive any commissions or monetary reward for recommending their services. Quite simply, we have seen their professionalism over many years and their ability to delivery on vehicle and price. All Car Brokers share a similar philosophy to us - to find the best possible deal for the best possible price. At the end of the day, its about trying to keep as much money in the clients pocket as possible.

Please note that you don’t have to apply for a loan through Fortified Finance & Leasing to use the services of All Car Brokers. If you have the cash in your pocket and simply don’t require a loan, then simply contact Ken Churchill (0408 488 887) or Neil Robson (0417 721 824) directly and they will look after you.

Call us today on 0419 772 765 or contact us here to find out how we can work with you to ensure your finance suits your needs.

"When it came time to purchase my new toy, I wanted to not only get the cash to purchase the truck but also get it ready for touring as quickly as possible. Thanks to Dave and the team at Fortified Finance this process was super easy. I just sent them my wish list and the details of the truck I wanted and they sorted the rest. When it comes time to buy the missus (maybe I am dreaming) a 4WD I know exactly who I'll be speaking to…"



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